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Tue, Jun. 20th, 2006, 07:56 pm
nosatellites: NSW Parma

omg, parmavsworld is back from the dead!

last monday night xenex and i headed to our local, the summer hill hotel, for dinner. we originally planned on pizza, but the pub is closer. the only thing that looked good on the menu was parma.

here is the result:

brilliant parma! it was a bit expensive, and the ham was very processed and sandwich loafy, but other than that it was quality. and the corn cob was a lovely touch.

next time any of you bitches are sydney side, you'll have to come and sample the summer hill parma delights.

Sun, Apr. 30th, 2006, 02:35 pm
nooshieparma: Worst. "Parma". Ever.

If I could remember the name of the place or even which suburb it was in, I would highly recommend never going to the place I went to last night.

It hurt.

It really, really hurt.

All-you-can-eat at a suburban "entertainment complex" is always going to be bad, but I never thought it would be THAT bad. I was wrong.

The "parma" was schnitzel (wrong in itself) with some shredded ham (and I don't mean real ham, I mean the kind of processed pseudo-ham they put on pizzas) and a bit of melted cheese. I get stabbing pains in the stomach just thinking about it:

Afterwards, I wanted to die. Kate is smiling but you can see she's about to cry.

Thu, Mar. 9th, 2006, 05:55 pm
nooshieparma: DIY parma

On Monday, I went to the Grampians to stay for a few days. It wasn't quite as lush and green and pretty as I remembered it being:

I checked out some of the local (ie. Halls Gap) and slightly less local (ie. Stawell) pubs and restaurants, but none of them looked like they'd be able to do a decent parma for me, so I attempted it myself. Keeping in mind that I was in a "holiday flat" which had a hotplate and a microwave, and very limited cookware, I'm pretty proud of my TRIPLE MEAT ITALIAN PARMA:

I had to hand-cut those chips and cook them in a frying pan because it's just isn't parma without chips.
It tasted damn good after a day of climbing mountains, let me tell you.

PS I think I'm allergic to nature. My legs are really really itchy.

Tue, Feb. 28th, 2006, 11:27 pm
nooshieparma: Around The World in 7 Parmas: A Photoreview

Welcome to the exciting world of Parma vs. World. We are a (soon-to-be) international team of experts in the field of parma eating, who will submit reviews (and often photos) of all the parmas we eat (and that's a lot of parma).

Anyone who shares our love for parma is more than welcome to submit their own reviews.

But to begin with, I offer you a review of the only event that comes up if you type "around the world in 7 parmas" into Google: Tuesday nights at the Royston Hotel, tucked away in a back street of Richmond.

This was to be our (Team Parma, otherwise known as myself (nooshieparma, Kate (stuffandthat), Jadey (all_summer_long) and Darren (vagrantkid)) second trip to the Royston, and we were full of high hopes after our very exciting (and tasty!) previous visit. We knew the menu, we haf pre-harassed the bar staff, we were excited. And this time, we had a secret weapon: MINI FLAGS! I visited my second-favourite party supply store and had bought up big on toothpick flags. When I opened the box, I found that I only had US, Australia, France and Italy, so a little cut and paste was needed to make up the Canadian, Spanish and Mexican flags (big thanks to my mum for her tech-savvy help!):

Then, after one last check of the menu (kept safely on Kate and Jadey's fridge for easy reference at all times)

we set off.

On arrival, the bar staff were (understandably) amused that we had followed through on our threat to bring our own flags this week.

Parmas were ordered:
I got the Mexican: (jalapenos and cheese)

It was much spicier than the Spanish one I had last week, but was very tasty. I like that they use actual chicken, rather than some tiny little bit of reclaimed meat that is pounded out so thin that there's more crumbing than chicken. And yes, the salad and chips are great, too. Even better than they look (and my mouth is watering just looking at them now)

Jadey got the Spanish:

(review to follow in the comments section, hint hint!)

Kate and Darren both got the Italian (with extra ham):

(review to follow in the comments, hint hint)

Big thanks to the lovely Royston bar staff who only called us lame a few times, and who allowed ham to be added to the Italian parma to enrure TRIPLE MEAT satisfaction.

And then the rest of the parma posse turned up. Hilarity ensued, more parmas were ordered...

I have to admit that the "bacon and gravy" descripton of the Canadian parma concerned me. Until I saw it. It looks AMAZING:

Then there's the old standard: Hawaiian.

To conclude, Around the World in 7 Parmas comes highly recommended. We'll see you there!

(PS, this is the chef responsible for the parma brilliance: